A.D. 'Architects in Cyberspace'



”Zeitgeist”-n-the spirit of the age.

”Zeta”- abbrev- zero-energy thermonuclear apparatus (formerly used in the study of controlled thermonuclear reactions), toroid in shape. n- Greek z. Also-n- a small room or closet of some kind, as per the sexton’s room over a church porch. (Greek diaita a dwelling)

”Zip”-n- a zip fastner. Also-v- energy, vigour, to fasten with a zip; to be full of, act with, proceed with, or infusec with, life and energy.

”Zooid”-n- formerly, a free-moving cell, such as a sperm-cell; in alternation of generations, an individual of an asexually-produced form; usually an individual forming part of a colonial organism.

”Ziggurat”-n- a Babylonian temple-tower, much like a pyramid in shape, consisting of a number of smaller storeys each successive one of which was smaller than the one below it. (Assyrian ziqquratu a pinnacle, the top of a mountain)

”Zenith”-n- the point on the celestial sphere vertically above the observer’s head, one of the two poles of the horizon, the other being the nadir, the greatest height.

”Zapping”- v- to hit, strike, destroy, shoot etc; to erase or correct (a fault)(comput); to cause to move or pass by quickly; to keep changing television channels

”Zygote”- n- the product of the union of two gametes; by extension, the individual developing from that product.

”Zoom”-v-to move forward very quickly; to use stored energy of the forward motion of an aircraft in order to gain height; to soar; to change focus rapidly, to enlarge a section of text, part of a diagram, a window etc.

”Zig-zag”-n- a short, sharp turning; a line, road, fence etc with sharp angles to right and left alternately- adj- having short sharp alternate turns; from side to side alternately- v- to move forward making an alternation of sharp, short turns. In quantum physics the ‘zig-zag dance’ refers to the movement of a sub-atomic particle moving in and out of the physical realm.