Animal Portraits

Titman Design

When setting out to construct a portrait of an animal member of the family, I am aware that the character of the pet needs to be represented with a degree of respect and dignity- not acidic sweetness. Any animal has dignity and bearing-even pigs. I begin by photographing the creature in their home/owner’s home and work out an elevational flat-on classical view in pencil. here the outline of the individual’s posture and facial characteristics are made as outlines; from which washes are applied. Over this base coat another layer of contrasting colour is applied in order to acheive a vibrancy that is apparent in healthy animal coats. Then there is another layer of lighter feathered strokes applied to suggest the fur along edges and features. The final touches include a layer of finest brush hair strokes to achieve more contrast and sense of depth on the surface and whiskers. But it is not until the eyes that one knows wether the character of the sitter is realised. Here the way the creature looks, where they look and with what power their eyes speak can one tell if this is an emotive artwork that can create heart felt memories for the owner.   


If you are interested in any of the listed pieces, feel free to contact Mark to arrange purchase.