Banner PORTFolios

The Banner Portfolio was designed for architecture, art, fashion, product design and graphics students who tend to print their drawings from cad files onto A4. By using a double or “banner” format these folios accommodate a double A4 sheet of white acid free paper. Each folio has thirty plastic sleeves and a shoulder strap. The paper is white non acidic paper that can be printed onto directly, unlike the usual black paper that comes as an infill with plastic sleeves. The folios are smaller than A2 and are therefore more easily handled and carried to work or interviews. The elegant shape and range of colours also makes these Banner Folios an attractive accessory when compared to the usual A1 folio that can be bulky and difficult to carry on public transport, escalators and small cars and to place on interviewers tables. The soft material covering also makes the banner folio nice to touch.


If you are interested in any of the listed pieces, feel free to contact Mark to arrange purchase.