Building Portraits

Titman Design

Of the many times I have given a portrait of someone’s house where they or a friend have lived, or a church where they were married - I have never failed to be touched at how the receiver of these intimate artworks can be touched themselves. The giver is truly the benefactor in these cases. However, some clients are not always so happy and enjoy asking for imagined extras to be painted additionally into the scenes of their houses- in order to make them more home-like and less architectural. These additional imaginary elements have included imagined trees, orbs on fences, curtains of silk and pets at windows. The delight for me is that it allows the client to realise their dreams in portrait if not reality- something of the traditional and timeless opportunity that portraits have always offered. An added bonus of these artworks is the welcome addition of having thank you cards from weddings or at-home- cards for houses or even business cards for marketing. These are made using scans of the original artwork- which in turn can again be manipulated using Photoshop.


If you are interested in any of the listed pieces, feel free to contact Mark to arrange purchase.