Coppice Crescent


- for a new way of life together

Health surveys have shown that a major cause of illness is isolation and that a major signifier of longevity is having a social life.

A good social life is the most effective indicator of a long life.

We propose revolutionising the typical retirement development with an implicit and integrated framework for social engagement, which forms a key part of the residence’s optional leases attached to the purchase of a flat: so owners/occupiers will benefit physically, socially and intellectually from active involvement with their living space and with others in various rented or bought ground floor working/playing spaces. So offering a unique two-way proposition for the active baby boomer generation.

From pop-up shops to multi-media centres, each community member is offered the chance to buy shares in the ground floor communal spaces and rent shared garden spaces to do with what they wish; either independently or collectively with their neighbours or friends and relatives. With a purposeful mix of facilities, it is designed to deliver a mutually beneficial engagement with the wider community; a new destination where people can shop, sell, play and be stimulated by being together.

To ensure what we call The Crescent, becomes a destination for residents and non-residents alike,  the central space will encourage visitors - so as not to become the ghetto that an older people’s home often can turn out to be. In the first instance it is envisaged that the central space will be established as a gallery to host an exhibition of note. Or alternatively a restuarant with a brand or chef of distinction. Subsequent to various launches, regular exhibitions of new works from local artists and themed meals with local speakers will turn the space into a art and/or dining club.

This is essentially a social co-operative proposal that uniquely offers a collective interactive dimension in addition to simply being a beautiful place to live. With luxury hotel-like services available from outside specialists- The Crescent has been designed to proactively encourage outsiders to visit and service residents: such as a shifting 24hr concierge service, social Crescent only residents' website, wellness suite with live video and blood/urine monitoring links to medics online or visiting health, massage and beauty specialists. All to proactively ensure and encourage interaction, health and a real sense of ownership over the residents’ immediate environment at whatever level suits an individual’s or couple’s lifestyle.

As an architectural proposal The Crescent offers a desirably distinct yet familiar type, the crescent - which offers a sense of place that in its very form- welcomes in the outside, with generous communal spaces, flats and level access on the ground floor. Add to that, South facing views from the promenade and winter gardens within the apartments, plus built-in eco-technology, for maximum efficiencies.

The development comprises 60 x 2bedroom units, arranged into six fraternity-like houses, each offering both diversity and unity in each. The repeated units of traditional construction allow local builders to offer competitive fees, economies of scale and efficiency of construction.

There are three categories of dwelling on offer:

1. Gold; First Floor Apartment, with winter garden and roof garden

2. Silver: Second and Third Floor Apartment with winter garden

3. Bronze: Fourth floor Apartment with roof deck

Familiarity and dignity are appropriate to an area and people with heritage.

The Crescent offers this area and this collective a new landmark.


Coppice Crescent is a Luxurious and secure retirement complex designed by Mark Titman. The estate design seeks to encapsulate the perks of a holiday resort and village life into a comfortable and convenient apartment setting.