Porch Extension

12 Diamond Terrace, London SE10



The proposed porch extension is for the front of an Edwardian terraced house that fronts a driveway and is bordered on one side by high hedges and a tall fence on the other. The frontage has a squared bay window with top-lights and the existing main house has a slate covered roof



The porch is accessed via a stone pavement along the driveway at the end of which we propose a single step raised threshold covered in traditional mosaic tiles. From here the visitor steps up into the house another single step to enter the porch. The existing double doors will be retained in the porch to enclose the space and these lead to the internal hallway, which will have two nibs either side of the hallway removed.



The proposal is designed in such a way to match nearby porches that already exist and were part of the original development of the street. The proposal is for a porch to extend and tie in with the existing bay. By using matching windows in size and materials and matching brickwork below the windows the porch integrates with the bay. Also the roof steps slightly forward ad will notch in with the bay. The height of the roof will be the same as the height of the brickwork band and so as a horizontal feature this will be retained, compositionally. The use of glass and the inclusion of matching top-lights will provide much needed light to a dark North-facing hallway. Also the extra 3m2 area will provide much needed storage for a busy family house with visitors coming and going.



The materials shall match the existing materials throughout. Except that the gutter and rain water pipe shall be of grey pressed metal.



This is a modest house and we have attempted in this proposal to make sure that the porch looks as in keeping as possible. By careful integration of the matching brickwork base and matching windows above and the level lining through of the windows, eaves and ridge- the appearance of the proposed porch is quite elegant and not over bearing. Due to the height of the existing hedge there will be no loss of light nor over bearing. The full height of the porch does not exceed 3m and it is 3m2 in area, externally- so is within Permitted Develop requirements. Please see plans that show projection lines from neighbour’s windows. In conclusion, this porch will release a lot of space to allow a more free moving entry and departure of visitors and dwellers and will not detract from the Edwardian character of the house and streetscape. With the careful matching of windows and brickwork and mosaic tiles this will actually be an improvement for the house and streetscape.