Occasional Table

Titman Design

“The Occasional Table” was designed for a long-term friend who I enjoy drinking wine with as a thank you present.  Made of welded stainless steel plates and tubes; it has decorative slots to streamline the surface and create pockets for spilt wine. All the slots are sealed, except for one open slot that allows for images, memories and messages to be stored within its hollow section; making the table a sort of time capsule. 


Another of the slots has a strip with threaded holes for removable implements including a candlestick holder, an extendable rod with crocodile clip for presenting postcards and an ashtray.  These can be removed and fixed underneath to a large magnet stored inside the thickness of the table.  The weightiness and solidity of the piece was a celebration of our long-term friendship with hopes for future drinks and shared memories together.  However, like any relationships it occasionally requires attention and maintenance to refresh its smooth reflective surface. 


If you are interested in any of the listed pieces, feel free to contact Mark to arrange purchase.