15 Ulundi road, London SE3

15 Ulundi Road retreat.

15 Ulundi Road retreat.



The brief was to design a garden retreat that would allow the client to get away from the city, the house and household and to create a space to work on stained glass and enjoy her own garden and views onto Vanburgh Castle’s woods.

The proposal created a walled garden one side facing the house, which enclosed the garden with a planted wall with a recess for seating. This wall also had a path leading through it into a small garden. On the other hidden side there was the retreat with a compostable W.C. and garden store separated by the path; the two lined through to create a sense of a whole continuous wall. The retreat had sliding folding glass doors that opened the whole space onto the garden and woods. The effect was both the creation of a secret garden with a retreat and the creation of a walled garden with seating recess towards the house. This duality allowed for a large open shared area on one side with intimate seclusion and woods on the other.

Budget: £60,000