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Publications by Mark Titman.


'Stretch city' architectural design

As we focus on more specific, minute and personal points,  issues so broad in their impact arise that they can only be sited in the most universal contexts.  Outside any one discipline the most private, invisible and atomic scales have become part of the largest peripheral concerns- individual point and collective periphery are becoming one continuum.


'The New Pasturalists; Landscape into architecture' A.d.

We live in an age of environmental doom-saying, informational
overload, greater lifestyle choices, shifting family structures and increasingly sedentary living patterns. Also we live in a time of more competing ideas, conflicting offers that confuse our desires, oppositional agendas and dichotomies that dilute our intentions. It is thus easy to perceive ourselves to be in between the close of an old era and on the brink of a new one. We are split and living in a time of dualities.


'The Evolution Of The English Household With Older People'

This paper is part of a three stage project, finishing with the construction of examples of well designed housing – which will suggest a way forward and generate more discussion about the future of older peoples' housing and the home in general in England, from The Middle Ages to the 21st Century.


'Sustainable Dullness and Constructive Pastoral Delight'

We are all trying to save the planet in the 21st Century but how do we do it without becoming too dull?  This seems to be the question we should be asking today


'Optimism, Power and Concern in An Age of Apocalypse'

In our age of increased technological use, to be Green, we have to make extra efforts not only to save the planet, but also to maintain meaningful connections with people and nature; even with machines.

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‘Weekends In The Countryside’, Compendium Magazine

Times away from London spent in the country, offer a more physical reality.



A.D. 'Architects in Cyberspace

Article by M. Titman.



Mark Titman - Green Forum 2011

An insightful talk by Mark Titman exploring the relationship between Nature and Modern Architecture.